Where is the event being held?
This year’s Summer of Deals event is being held virtually over the ZOOM conferencing platform.

When should I arrive?
We will open up the video lobby 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. It’s a great way to have your morning coffee and chat with other attendees before the day kicks off!

Can I bring a spouse or a guest?
Sure! Anyone that you can fit in front of your computer screen is more than welcome to watch.

Where can I get more questions answered?
Please contact our support staff by e-mailing


Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!
You Don’t Want To Miss This Day of Deals!

After every one of our live events, we ask our Associates in the Wicked Smart Community what they’d like to see more of next time — and Deal Structuring is by far is the biggest request we get. As we continue to focus on teaching our 3 Pillars of Success (Mindset, Skillset, and Systems), learning from these deals is a major part of the process in your journey towards becoming a Master Transaction Engineer. In our newest book, a revised edition of Real Estate On Your Terms, Chris talks about you get there by not only doing deals in the trenches, but by studying real case studies and asking questions about others’ deals that are being done. That’s exactly what we’ll be reviewing here: Owner Financing, Subject To, and Lease Purchase deals. You’re not going to want to miss a second of this day!


How Will I Leave The Event Better Than Before?

  • Learn how to pivot from a Lease Purchase deal into a Subject To, creating 20-30 year portfolios while sustaining 3 Paydays™
  • Hear from students just like you, coming from a myriad of backgrounds, who have changed their lives doing deals on terms (with none of their own cash or signing personally with a bank)
  • Learn from a Subject To expert who has completed over 350 of these deals
  • Learn about the nuances that are built into each deal
  • Discover how you can create a 4th and even a 5th Payday
  • See how you can operate an investment business like this in Texas and other states
  • Learn what agreements you should use for which deal and when
  • Find out when to utilize Subject To, Lease Purchase, or Owner Financing deals with your seller through scripts, math, and logic

Scheduled Speakers //

Unlike our other yearly events, Summer of Deals is centered entirely around deal structuring and getting deep into that part of the business with our family team. You’ll be learning primarily from Chris, Zach, and Nick — and maybe a surprise guest or two.

HEADSHOT_0013_Chris Pre
Chris Prefontaine
Founder & CEO,
HEADSHOT_0011_Zach Beach
Zachary Beach
COO & Coach,
HEADSHOT_0012_Nick Pre
Nick Prefontaine
Partner & Coach,


JUNE 12, 2021

7:45AM – 8:15AM

Morning Coffee

8:15AM – 4:00PM
General Session


Cases Studies Right From The Trenches!

What’s one thing that we ALWAYS hear following an event? It’s “we want MORE deal structuring!” Well, to meet that demand, this past year we introduced a course in the Smart Real Estate Coach Academy called “Deal Structure Overtime.” Chris and Zach take Associates through all kinds of deals (Assign Out, Sandwich Lease, Owner Financing, and Subject To) live and touch on all kinds of nuances along the way. This event was born out of that course — think of it as a Deal Structure Overtime with an interactive Q & A element built right in. We’ll be using real deals from our family team and from members of the Wicked Smart Community. After leaving this event, you’ll be on track to be featured next!

Real Clients, Real Results //

Don’t just take our word for it.
Watch what attendees had to say about our past events, company, and community.

Can’t Make It? //